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[[As Emperor Nicholas (aka "Nega-Nick") picks himself up off the floor he is joined in Nick's room by Doctor Granger and Agent #18.]]
Nicholas: That was... unexpected.
Agent #18: Indeed. You were intended for Niemand. What happened? Are you fully integrated?

Nicholas: [cracking his neck] Still assimilating, but this host should be fully under my control. We have hit upon a... complication.
Granger: It seems the host designated Stone is dead, as is our sibling.

Nicholas: [eyeing Stone's corpse] A regrettable but necessary sacrifice. Quick action was required to prevent a compromise of the operation.
Agent #18: You new host's appearance requires... explanation.

Nicholas: I am still accessing its memories. However, what I have uncovered so far has been, to put it mildly, extremely fascinating.

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