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[[Emperor Nicholas (aka "Nega-Nick"), Agent #18, and Granger are planning strategies in Nick's hospital room.]]
Nicholas: This creature honestly believes it is Nick Wellington. Its memories are consistent with our research... up until a few years ago. From there, they significantly diverge.
Granger: Diverge? Explain.

Nicholas: [concentrating] It actively resists, but I can override it. Apparently, it was once a despotic ruler of an alternate version of this planet, from a parallel but separate reality.
Agent #18: Unlikely. It has been proven that travel between alternate realities is impossible.

Nicholas: But these memories are genuine. Apparently THAT version [gesturing toward Nick] of this creature found a way to pierce the barrier and transmit matter from one universe to another. THIS version found a way to use THAT version's own machine to bring it across.

Nicholas: The tale of their interaction is entertaining, but unimportant. More poignant, THIS version is aware of us, as well as our enemy. It has... enlightening information regarding an alternate course of current events...

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