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[[Emperor Nicholas (aka "Nega-Nick"), Agent #18, and Doctor Granger, apparently under the control of some unknown force, are in Nick's hospital room, discussing strategy - and what to do about Nick.]]
Granger: This talk of alternate realities is irrelevant. Stone was to kill Wellington and you were intended for Niemand. The operation is in jeopardy.
Nicholas: On the contrary. This turn of events is fortuitous.

Nicholas: When this version of Wellington discovered that one's unexpected presence here, it plotted to kill it and take its place, using amnesia as a ruse. The plan was opportunistic and ill planned, but we can take advantage of the coincidence.

Granger: [fingering the scar on Nicholas' face] The other does not have this scar. That could be a problem. This world has a means to correct this flaw, but it may be best to user our own regenerative techniques to repair it convincingly.
Agent #18: What of Niemand and the other Wellington?

Nicholas: Wellington is more trusted by its peers than Niemand. We only chose Niemand when Wellington's injuries prevented assimilation. As for Wellington, we could stand to learn more about these creatures. [his expression turns menacing] A live dissection could prove... useful.

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