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[[Doctor Granger, Agent #18, and Emperor Nicholas (aka "Nega-Nick") (all puppets now) are staring at the empty bed that was until very recently Nick's.]]
Granger: It's them. It HAS to be. No one on this planet has teleportation technology.
Agent #18: This creature knows a fair number of curses, if that is appropriate.

Granger: [grimacing, frightened] Then they are aware of our presence! The operation --
Nega-Nick: [interrupting] Is secure. They are aware of it, yes, but they can do nothing without revealing their presence to the natives.

Nega-Nick: [with an evil smile] For now, we concentrate on disposing of Stone and prepping this body, fixing the scar and replicating the injuries. But then we will inform the Colonel that we must accelerate our plans. We must act before the enemy realizes how deeply we are embedded here.

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