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[[Ki and Fooker have arrived at the hospital. Ki marches straight to the reception desk, while Fooker lags a little behind.]]
Fooker: [saluting one of the police standing watch at the front door] 'Sup.

[[Fooker notices Agent #18 (puppet) leaning against the wall near the reception desk, as Ki signs in.]]
Ki: I'm looking for Nick Wellington. I'm his wife.
Receptionist: Of course. We've been expecting you. Let me get Dr. Granger...

Fooker: [to Agent #18] Hey, Twinkle Toes. I see they brought you in to liven up the place.
Agent #18: Hrmph. About what I said earlier...

Agent #18: I may have... jumped the gun. Overly paranoid. Been under too much stress. Just... forget about it, OK?
Fooker: You? Stress? And I thought those diamond fillings were just for looks.

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