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[[Trudy is in her wheelchair, sitting next to Nega-Nick's bed as Ki and Fooker enter the room. Dr. Granger (puppet) stands near the door, smiling as she watches the reunion.]]
Ki: [smiling broadly] NICK!
Nega-Nick: Now THERE'S a face I remember...

Ki: [running her hand through Nega-Nick's hair] Sweetheart, I'm so, so sorry. We came as soon as we heard...
Trudy: He's still weak, and he's having trouble --

Ki: [interrupting, furious, SNARLING at Trudy] WE'LL. TALK. LATER.
Trudy: [cowed, shying away from Ki] OK, shutting up now...

Ki: [turning back to Nega-Nick] We've been driving for eight hours...
Nega-Nick: Then you should get some rest. I'm not going anywhere...

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