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[[Dex and Patty are at Dex's place, evidently for an evening together. Patty is opening a DVD box, while Dex is bringing out a plate of snacks.]]
Dex: Behold! It's not a proper "Firefly" marathon without Chinese snacks!
Patty: Just because they curse in Chinese doesn't... never mind.

Dex: [On his way to the kitchen] Can you get the door? My stir fry needs stirring!
Patty: [Slightly annoyed] You didn't invite Lynn, did you? I was under the impression tonight was going to be more... binary.

[[Patty opens the door, but at first glance nobody's there. Then she looks down.]]
Patty: Dex, call the janitor. There's green vomit all over your doormat.
Off-panel voice (presumably Fred): Very funny, Toots. You better check that sharp wit before Persephone has to see my ugly side.

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