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[[Patty has just let Fred and Persephone into Dex's apartment.]]
Dex: Fred! Persephone! I haven't seen you two since... well...
Fred: My meteoric rise and protracted fall from grace.

[[Fred and Dex continue in the background, while Patty and Persephone pick up the conversation.]]
Patty: Persephone, huh. I'm afraid we haven't met.
Persephone: And I'm sure Fred hasn't mentioned me. It's OK. I intentionally keep a low profile.

Persephone: I don't want fame, fortune, or notoriety. I mean, I didn't mind all the trappings of his celebrity, but I'm a quiet girl with simple needs.
Patty: That's nice. I had assumed he just wanted to hog the limelight.

Persephone: Oh, he does. He can get a pretty big nucleus sometimes. But I'm fine with that so long as he doesn't forget whose pseudopods he'll be in when he comes home.

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