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[[While Patty and Persephone continue in the background, Fred is talking to Dexter.]]
Dex: [Offering a bowl of food to Fred] Seems you were pretty busy after "Dancing with the Stars," but we sort of lost track of you after that.
Fred: [Perusing the bowl] Yeah, well, that was my last flash in a rapidly cooling pan.

Fred: Ki told me what Fooker said. My "Has-Been" membership card was indeed in the mail. "DWTS" was exactly what it seemed: A last-ditch grab to stay relevant in a world that was already passing me by.

Fred: I faded faster than last week's YouTube meme. Now I've lost everything. The penthouse, the endorsements, even my meager investments... All gone. I have nothing but the slime on my cytoplasm.

[[Fred climbs onto Dex's chest and grabs his collar in desperation. Patty notices and watches wide-eyed.]]
Fred: I'm destitute, Dex! I'm begging you! Please, let me move in! You're the only friend I have left in this world!

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