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[[Fred is still clutching Dexter's shirt as Dex tries to come to grips with Fred's request.]]
Dex: Y-you want to move in here? With me?
Patty: I thought you used to live with Fooker.

Persephone: We... don't mention the F-word.
Fred: No. Never. Not until the heat death of the universe.
[[Fred slides down from Dex's chest, leaving a damp green patch where he was perched.]]

Dex: Oookaay... What about Nick and Ki? You stayed with Nick once.
Patty: Ki would never allow it for health reasons. And Sharon couldn't since her sinuses would explode.

Dex: And didn't you used to babysit Sydney Duncan?
Persephone: Babysitting is one thing. Living with them is a different matter.
Fred: [frustrated, "arms" crossed] What I'm hearing is a bunch of excuses.

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