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[[Fred and Persephone are trying to convince Dexter to let them move in with him.]]
Persephone: We reviewed all our options. We hate to impose on anyone, but most of our true friends have legitimate reasons not to take us in.

Persephone: And so many of Fred's fair-weather "friends" among the celebrity world won't return our calls, now that he's dropped off the "A List."
Fred: ["head" hung] I've been demoted to the "T List" by now.

Patty: I'm sorry, but I know I can't help. My landlord is strict about subletting.
Persephone: It's OK. We thought that since Dex and Fred had a rapport...

Fred: [interrupting] I wouldn't call it a "rapport". I helped Dexter a few times with some dating advice.
[[Dex is surprised and manages an awkward grin as Patty cocks eye eyebrow.]]
Patty: Oh, but that DOES explain a few things...

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