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[[Fred and Persephone are trying to convince Dexter and Patty to let them move in with Dex.]]
Dex: Well, I'd never want to turn down a friend in need. OK, you guys can stay here.
Persephone: [elated] Hooray! Thank you, Dex!
Fred: [still down] Yeah, thanks.

Dex: But there will have to be some ground rules. We both need different things to remain healthy, so we'll have to establish "safe zones" for each of us... and to keep my landlord from getting suspicious.

Dex: [crossing his arms and looking serious] And while you can stay for free until you get reestablished, I KNOW you paid Fooker rent, so I expect you to chip in here as well.
Fred: I... suppose I could beg Dwayne for my old job back...

Dex: I'm sure he'd be happy to have you. The person currently pulling double duty on the phones [he grins disarmingly at Patty] can be a bit... acerbic at times.
Patty: [glaring at Dex] She'll get acerbic all over your face in a minute...

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