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[[Sharon is with Tim, reviewing one of his designs.]]
Tim: And if we combine these requests we should cut our round trip bandwidth almost in half.
Sharon: Nice. Great redesign, Tim.

Sharon: [stretching in her chair, arms above her head] Oogh... I think once this project in finished, I'm going to take a beach vacation...
Tim: [glimpses Sharon's chest as she stretches, then turns away, blushing] Um... H-have you heard anything about Nick or Trudy lately?

Sharon: [leaning back comfortably, hands behind her head] Ki says Nick is still on bed rest, and I checked in on Trudy yesterday. She's hoping to be back in the office next week.
Tim: Th-that's good. I want Nick to review this before we implement it.
Voice: Ahem...

[[They look up and notices Scott, and while Sharon doesn't change her position her expression grows frosty.]]
Tim: Yes?
Scott: Just trying to determine if crossing the threshold will incur myself bodily harm...

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