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[[Scott has interrupted a design review between Tim and Sharon.]]
Scott: I have an update regarding the... unfinished business we discussed earlier.
Tim: Which business? The server patch for Goodman Rubber?

[[Scott's expression becomes awkward as he attempts to covertly gesture toward Sharon so that only Tim notices. Tim glances down to see Scott's hand, while Sharon immediately becomes suspicious.]]
Scott: Nooo...
Tim: Oh...
Sharon: What?

Sharon: [crossing her arms and glaring at Scott] Oh, I get it. It's "Brotherhood business." Fine. I don't care. I want no part in your boys' club anyway.
Tim: [to Scott] But it concerns her too. We shouldn't leave her out of this.

Scott: [thinking out loud, stroking his beard] 'Tis true. She and Barker are practically family, in spirit if not in name.
Sharon: [angrily, holding a hand out at about waist level, cupping upward as if grasping something from underneath] You know, nobody ever specified what pair of things you guys need twisted...

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