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[[Tim, Scott, and Sharon are discussing "Brotherhood business." Sharon is somewhat less enthusiastic than the other two, and is sitting sternly with her arms crossed.]]
Scott: [sitting down in a nearby chair] As you are already aware, the Brotherhood has been searching for some time for The One, whom Tim and I suspect may be your potential offspring.
Sharon: [glaring] Painfully aware. Nice recap.

Scott: You may also remember that after we initially tested you, the Brotherhood fractured and disbanded, reforming into two opposing factions of which we are the smaller.
Sharon: I vaguely recall you mentioning it.

Scott: [intense] This other faction is more... conservative than we, but they too search earnestly for The One. Alas, though they aim to keep it silent, rumors have surfaced claiming they believe they have finally found him.

Sharon: [screaming exultantly, raising her arms and looking skyward] WOOHOO!
Scott: That's... NOT the reaction I was hoping for...

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