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[[Tim and Scott are trying to convince Sharon of the seriousness of the situation with Brotherhood's search for "The One."]]
Sharon: So has the other Brotherhood faction tested their candidate for "The One?" Did he pass?
Scott: He hasn't been tested that we know of, and he may not even know he's a candidate. But the test may be administered soon.

Tim: And bear in mind they will be using the old test, not the "corrected" test we used on you and Fooker. They don't accept our alterations to the algorithm. If he passes they'll be even more dismissive of you two.
Sharon: Do you know who he is?

Scott: No. We know only what "thePr0ph3t," he who discovered the prophecy, has told us. He straddles the schism and has insight into both factions. We do not know the candidate's name, but we do know his handle...

[[The scene changes. We see Yoshi working at a keyboard, his face illuminated by the light of an LCD monitor that may actually be the only light in the room. The door behind him has been opened, revealing Knuth's silhouette.]]
Knuth: Hey, "b0r0m1r". The zero one wants a word with you...

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