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[[Greg's faction of the Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair is meeting to discuss the possibility that Yoshi is "The One."]]
Member 1: Knuth and b0r0m1r are on their way.
Greg: Excellent. You all know your assigned parts.

Greg: We've been observing Brother Yoshi for some time now, and it's clear he is our best candidate for The One. If he passes, Scott and his heathen will lose all their remaining legitimacy.

Member 2: About that, Greg. They tested Barker and Murphy, and they seem certain of the results.
Greg: They altered the test AND they're spouting some B.S. about it being their kid that's The One.

Greg: Scott is so desperate to retain what few followers he has left that he's changing the rules. Who do you believe, we who still cling to our beliefs, or a heretic who compromises everything to keep his sheep blind?

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