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[[As Knuth escorts Yoshi to the meeting of Greg's faction of the Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair, Greg talks to the other brothers about Yoshi's qualifications to be The One.]]
Greg: Since we've been observing him for so long, I think we can shortcut some of his tests. Has anyone seen his caffeine intake?
Member 3: I have.

Member 3: The kid's practically had a transfusion of the stuff. We're not talking colas or Red Bulls, either. You ever heard of the "Black Blood of the Earth"
Greg: What's that?

Member 3: Some dude came up with a cold extraction of coffee that yields 40 times the caffeine and sells it on his site. 100mL is equivalent to a gallon of regular coffee.

Member 3: Our dud swigs a liter before a "Call of Duty" session, then complains about the lag between the controller and the console.
[[Greg's eyes go wide in surprise]
Member 1: We call him "The Twitchmeister" for a reason.

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