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[[As Knuth escorts Yoshi to the meeting of Greg's faction of the Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair, Greg talks to the other brothers about Yoshi's qualifications to be The One.]]
Greg: I guess he passes that test. Has anyone seen any examples of outstanding hardware prowess?
Member 1: I can shed some light on that.

Member 1: Hacked some FBI logs from a few years back. They brought him in on some trumped up charge, even raided his house. Said they found some tricked out iron but couldn't figure out what it did.
Greg: Not enough. Anything else?

Member 1: [smirking] I wasn't finished. A while later the feds finally confiscated it. From there the trail gets murky. There's some obviously false records, but also some files marked "U.G.A Top Secret" that are heavily encrypted. Gigs and gigs of them.

Member 1: Whatever he built, the feds have been taking tons of notes and keeping them close to their chest. I asked him about it, but he says he knows nothing.
Member 2: Ooh! Ooh! The MiB wiped his memories! I just know it!

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