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[[As Knuth escorts Yoshi to the meeting of Greg's faction of the Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair, Greg talks to the other brothers about Yoshi's qualifications to be The One.]]
Greg: Whatever. We have the network test planned for later. What about his text editor preference?
Member 3: He seems pretty agnostic. I've seen him use several.

Greg: Not good enough. Even I use Notepad occasionally on my mom's "Windoze" box.
Member 1: Well, there was that one incident...

Member 1: I saw his screen once and it looked like he was using Emacs, but he was typing vi commands.
Greg: That's nothing. There's been vi emulations for Emacs for quite a while.

Member 3: No, no, no, you don't understand. He rewrote vi... in Lisp... to run under Emacs, so he could rewrite Pico, in Lisp, to run under vi running under Emacs... For FUN...
Greg: By the gods, the man's insane...

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