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[[As Knuth escorts Yoshi to the meeting of Greg's faction of the Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair, thePR0PH3T makes an unexpected appearance and confronts Greg about the tests for "The One."]]
Greg: [glaring at thePR0PH3T] I thought you declared yourself impartial, thePR0PH3T. That almost sounds like an endorsement.
thePR0PH3T: [matching Greg's glare] No, Greg. It's me admitting to a mistake. You should try it sometime.
Member 3: [very quietly, to member 1] Burn...

thePR0PH3T: I told both you and Scott that I would not choose sides in the schism, and that I would declare he - or she - who passes all tests as The One. No one has done that to my satisfaction... yet.

thePR0PH3T: Barker and Murphy have, in my opinion, legitimate claims, as may your candidate. Unlike you, I will not let personal grudges dissuade me from the facts. The final test has yet to be administered.
Knuth: [off panel] Ahem...

[[Knuth appears in the doorway with Yoshi at his side. Yoshi cocks an eyebrow, apparently unaware of what's going on.]]
Knuth: Excuse us, gentlemen, but I have brought the candidate as requested.

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