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[[Agent #6 (Justin Barker) and Doctor Nefarious are playing chess, Nefarious is moving a black piece and smiling throughout]]
Nefarious: I've come to enjoy these weekly charades, "Jimmy". The chess game is unnecessary, but appropriately symbolic.

Nefarious: After all, we're *really* playing a very similar game of wits on a more abstract level, are we not? How much can I make him reveal without revealing too much myself?

Nefarious: That's what this is really about, isn't it? Is it chess for data, or Russian roulette? A game of "chicken", perhaps? He who blinks first, or has the first slip of the tongue, loses?

[[Agent #16 is bored while staring at the game board]]
Agent #16: Just shut up and make your move, Nefu.
Nefarious [holding hands palms up]: See? Another dead Cossack! Now I know you're not paying attention!

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