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[[Agent #6 (Justin Barker) and Doctor Nefarious are playing chess]]
Nefarious: Your mind's not on the game, m'boy. Are we distracted? Domestic troubles, perhaps? Is Maddie withholding again?
Agent #16: It won't work, Nefu.

[[Nefarious moves a piece as he speaks.]]
Nefarious: Oh, I think it's working just fine. I just haven't pushed the right button yet. I hear #18 might get promoted. Will your number get increased by a factor of three?

Nefarious: Oh, *I* know what has your panties in a bunch. You're still hung up on Inertia, aren't you?
[[Justin grits teeth and crushes his white knight piece in his fist with a loud <<KRUNCH>>]]

[[Justin opens his palm to show the piece, still gritting his teeth]]
Nefarious: Oh, you broke your little horsey. My bad. Did I touch a nerve?
Justin: Did I mention how much I hate you?

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