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[[Justin Barker (Agent #6) is playing chess with Doctor Nefarious. Justin is obviously distracted, and Nefarious is using that to his advantage - both in the game, and in pushing Justin's buttons. His mention of Mister Inertia in the last strip has upset Justin to the point of breaking a chess piece with his grip.]]
Nefarious: [grinning while Justin stares at the broken piece in his hand] You just can't let ol' Blubber Butt go, can you? He's infuriating, isn't he? You just want to smack all the enigmas out of him if you knew it wouldn't break your hand.

Nefarious: Face it, kid. I've "known" Inertia for nearly 20 years and I still know jack about him. Only Moldfinger has the faintest clue, and good luck finding his retirement bungalow.

Nefarious: [grinning widely as Justin grows increasingly frustrated] You're obsessed, junior. Your friends know it, your girl knows it, even I know it. You're wrecking your career, your love life, and your stomach lining over this.

Nefarious: [leaning closer to Justin, right in his face] Personally, I find it hilarious, but I'm a sadistic *@$%@!* who'd love to see you fail.
Justin: [sarcastically] Your concern is heart-wrenching.

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