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[[The Grey alien drones #3141592 ("Pi") and #6626068 ("Planck") step away from the now empty Mr. Inertia mech, heading toward the window on the opposite wall.]]
3141592: Face it, 6626068. The Skaboola left us here because we've bungled everything he's assigned to us. Reject XB3-239 -- both times -- and that whole C.R.U.D.E. debacle...

[[They begin to take the grill off a ventilation duct under the window.]]
3141592: The only reason he didn't recycle our biomass is we're move valuable here as spies once the "Inertia" mech was captured. He wants to keep tabs on these humans since they may pose a threat.

[[They begin to crawl through the vent, with 3141592 in the lead.]]
6626068: But 3141592, these creatures pose no threat to us. The Skaboola decided ages ago that conquering them wasn't in our best interests. Besides, the enemy doesn't even know they exist.

[[3141592 looks over his shoulder to respond]]
3141592: That's not what 2997925 implied in his last communique. Let's just say the sooner we get off this mud ball of a planet, the better.

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