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[[The two Grey Alien drones walk through the silent, dark corridors of the U.G.A. headquarters.]]
Inertia Alien 2: The enemy? Coming here? H-how long?
Inertia Alien 1: It depends. Some indicators seem to imply they're already here.

Inertia Alien 2: I... thought we dismissed that lead...
Inertia Alien 1: Not *that* one. It genuinely seems to be on its own. But did you see that one set of reports from the drone they call `Agent #18'?

Inertia Alien 1: He seemed to be on the trail of something suspiciously familiar. All the old warning signs seemed to be there. Naturally, his next report mysteriously recants, calling it a false lead.
Inertia Alien 2: You suspect he's been... taken?

Inertia Alien 1: Let me put it this way. Yesterday, I saw him *smile*. Not smirk, not grimace, but a genuine *smile*. It was... what was that human word you used...?
Inertia Alien 2: Creepy...

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