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[[The Grey alien drones #3141592 ("Pi") and #6626068 ("Planck") have left the U.G.A. cell block where they've been hiding inside the "Mister Inertia" probe, and are entering a room with a computer terminal.]]
3141592: If Agent #18 is infected, do you think they know about... us?
6626068: Not yet. that may give us a tactical advantage.

6626068: [climbing into the chair in front of the terminal] If #18 is a spy, then we know they're aware of this organization. It may make a mistake or two, giving us valuable data about their intentions.

3141592: "#18..." These humans tend to use numbers to obscure their verbal designations, kinda the inverse of what we do... sort of... but not quite...

3141592: Hey! I think we should give each other names! Your number is coincidentally the galactic constant the humans call "Pi." What should my new name be?
6626068: Quiet, before I planck you upside the cranial orb.

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