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[[The Grey alien drones #3141592 ("Pi") and #6626068 ("Planck") are in a computer room in U.G.A. headquarters, looking for information about their enemy that they can send to the Skaboola.]]
3141592: [smacking 6626068 on the back of the head] We don't have time to pick out designer "names," you gnarf. You've been without the Skaboola's influence for far too long.
6626068: [grimacing] Sorry, 3141592.

3141592: We need to download as much data as possible and upload it to the mothership. If the enemy is making moves here the Skaboola needs to know about it.

3141592: Who knows... If we break something THIS big, maybe he'll finally beam us out of here and we can consume REAL nourishment for a change...
[[A new voice is heard from outside the room. 6626068 looks alarmed.]]
Voice: Justin? You're up late...

[[Maddie O'Hara (Agent #12) appears in the doorway, a spoonful yogurt in her mouth. Her eyes go wide as she's surprised by the presence of the two aliens.]]
6626068: [quietly] Awkward...

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