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[[The Grey alien drones #3141592 ("Pi") and #6626068 ("Planck") have immobilized Agent #12 (Maddie O'Hara) with a roll of duct tape. 6626068 has revealed the secret that they've been hiding inside Mr. Inertia, much to the disgust of 3141592.]]
3141592: [to 6626068] I'LL handle this interrogation. [turning back to Agent #12] Our hiding place is irrelevant. What you might know that may save both our planets, however, IS.

3141592: Our race is at war with this third species. We KNOW you're aware of them; we've seen an entry in your own database pertaining to one. Have you seen one of them RECENTLY?
Agent #12: No...

3141592: We believe this planet may be invaded by this species in the not too distant future, and we suspect your organization has been compromised. It would be in your own best interests to tell us anything you know.

Agent #12: [angrily] Here's a hint: If you want to form an interstellar alliance, tying up the other party's negotiator is NOT the best first move.
6626068: She has a point, you know...

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