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[[At GPF Software's office Sharon is trying to help a recovering Trudy. We see Ki working in the copy room, straightening a stack of papers, as Sharon and Trudy walk by.]]
Trudy: [off panel, to the left] Honestly, Sharon, I'm not an invalid. I promise I can fend for myself.

Sharon: [as the two enter the panel and walk past the copy room] I know, but you're my big sis, and it's your first day back. You can't even write yet!

Trudy: The cast is coming off soon. Really, I'm fine. You don't need to be doting on me like a mother hen.

Sharon: [off-panel, to the right] You came to our universe looking for a new life, and we beat you up. It's the least I can do.
[[Ki is still standing in front of the copy machine, but is noticeably angry and crumpling the stack of papers she was straightening.]]

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