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[[Ki bows her head over the copy machine, clutching her hard copy to the point of crushing it.]]
Ki {{thinking and grimacing}}: I can't do this. I can't keep up with this lie. That's _our_ Trudy, and Sharon _has_ to know about it.

[[Ki has a flashback to a previous story, where she and Fooker were on their way to the hospital where Nick and Trudy were treated. Fooker walks away from Ki and toward the reader, speaking over his shoulder.]]
Fooker: Now tell me, _friend_, will _you_ tell Sharon the truth? Will _you_ shatter her dreams? Or will _you_ lie to her to protect what little hope she has in finding peace with her estranged family?
[[The flashback ends]]

[[Ki lifts her head, looking toward the reader.]]
Ki {{thinking}}: But I _have_ to keep it up. No matter how much I despise Trudy, I _can't_ let the truth destroy Sharon's hopes.

[[The view shifts. Outside the copier room, Sharon walks by with a mug of coffee. In the background, Ki covers her face with her hands.]]
Sharon: Here ya go, sis! Sip on this while you boot up, and I'll go check your mail slot!
Ki {{thinking}}: This is _not_ going to be easy...

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