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[[Sharon is trying her hardest to be helpful to a recovering Trudy. The two have arrived at Trudy's desk.]]
Sharon: [as Trudy sits down] I know you have a sales report to write for Dwayne. Do you need me to type it for you? You can dictate and I'll --
Trudy: [interrupting] Sharon...

Trudy: I'll be fine. I'm not that fast of a touch typist, so hunting and pecking won't slow me down much.
Sharon: [noticeably disappointed] Oh.

Sharon: [perking back up] What if dump the sales figures from the database and import them into a spreadsheet for you? You have a template, right?
Trudy: [sipping coffee] You wrote me a macro to do that months ago.

Sharon: Do you need any pens from the supply cabinet? Staples? Sticky notes? I know! Paper clips!
Trudy: How about ten minutes of quiet to myself?

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