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[[Trudy has returned to the chair in her office, sipping from a coffee mug. She hears somebody enter and thinks it's Sharon returning to offer some other kind of help.]]
Trudy: Sharon, really. Just give me a chance to do things on my own for a bit...
Ki: [interrupting, frost dripping from her words] Your print-outs, TRUDY...
[[Ki drops the stack of papers on Trudy's desk]]

Trudy: [warily] Oh, Ki. I thought you were Sharon.
Ki: No, just someone ELSE you've been lying to for... How long HAS it been now?

Trudy: I honestly have no idea what you're --
Ki: [interrupting, scowling at Trudy] I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, TRUDY. No alternate universe crap is going to work this time.

[[Trudy lowers her eyes to her desk]]
Trudy: So Fooker finally opened his big mouth.
Ki: [incensed] Only after YOU nearly killed my HUSBAND.

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