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[[Ki has confronted Trudy in her office, accusing her of lying about who she is.]]
Trudy: [insistently] Not that I expect you to believe it, but _I_ did not nearly kill Nick. I desperately wish I knew who DID, because they nearly succeeded in killing us BOTH.

Trudy: [standing] As for who I am, there would be no point in denying a truth that would be impossible to dissuade you from. Yes, I'm "your" Trudy.
Ki: [snarling] You conniving, back-stabbing heartless bi --

Trudy: [interrupting] It's not like I had much of a choice, Ki. I was UNCONSCIOUS. My ALTERNATE lied to you, sending me back with a story you'd believe because she had something I've always struggled with: COMPASSION.

Ki: [sarcastic] "Boo hoo. I'll give her the life I could never have." You still had YEARS to set the record straight!
Trudy: She didn't HELP me, Ki. She CONDEMNED me to live this lie, because to face the truth would mean THIS.

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