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[[Ki has confronted Trudy in her office, accusing her of lying about who she is. Trudy has readily admitted that she's this universe's Trudy, but defends herself against Ki's charges. The two are standing face-to-face, Ki's arms crossed angrily.]]
Trudy: Put yourself in MY place, Ki. Could YOU face your peers after everything I'VE done?
Ki: _I_ wouldn't have done them.
Trudy: Just... work with me, alright?

Trudy: I TRIED to make amends. I gave myself up. I was going to prison. But I was dragged along to another universe, against my will, on HER agenda. I hoped to die over there, just so I'd never have to face you, and HIM, again.

Trudy: Instead, she took advantage of my unconsciousness to feed you all a lie about switching places, about giving "her" the life "she" could never have. It's not like I had much of a choice.

Trudy: Now tell me honestly: If I HAD corrected that lie immediately, how many of you would have even CONSIDERED giving me another chance?

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