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[[Ki has confronted Trudy in her office, accusing her of lying about who she is. Trudy has readily admitted that she's this universe's Trudy, but defends herself against Ki's charges. The two are standing face-to-face, Ki's arms crossed angrily, but her anger is slowly subsiding.]]
Trudy: [picking up the papers from her desk] I'm not looking for your forgiveness, Ki. I'd never blame you, or anyone else, if you NEVER forgive me. But you can't say I haven't tried.

Trudy: [sadly] My attempts to be helpful have been genuine. The only lie I've fed you since I came back is THIS one, who I really am, and in truth there's only one reason I've kept it up.
Ki: Sharon.

Trudy: [remembering Sharon clutching Fooker, sobbing into his chest] You remember how she reacted when she discovered we were sisters, crying herself to sleep. It devastated her, knowing who she was related to. We never reconciled before SHE fed everyone the lie.

Trudy: [as Ki remembers watching that same scene] Since then Sharon has latched onto the hope that together we can make sense of our screwed up family, with a kinder, gentler Trudy at her side. How do you thin she'll react when she finds out the truth?

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