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[[Ki has confronted Trudy in her office, accusing her of lying about who she is. Trudy has readily admitted that she's this universe's Trudy, but defends herself against Ki's charges. While still upset, Ki has a new understanding of Trudy's motivations.]]
Trudy: Sharon is tough. She has our family's intelligence, drive... and temper, but I can't bring myself to destroy what little hope she has for a hopeless situation.

Trudy: [sadly, leaning on her good elbow] She wants so much to be part of a family, but genetics wasn't kind to her. We're an impossible mess, Ki, and one day she'll be resigned to that fact.

Trudy: For now, though, her optimism is boundless, and it tears me up inside to think how badly it will crush her when she finally gives in. All I want is for her to be happy; I can't crush her dreams by revealing who I am. Not yet.

Ki: [head bowed] All right. I'll keep your secret... for Sharon's sake. But one day you'll HAVE to tell her the truth.
Trudy: [quietly, head down] I know.

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