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[Ki is reacting to Trudy's statement that something MAY have happened between her and Nick at the Lakatos resort.]
Ki: Does he... know? About you?
Trudy: I don't know. There's a fog I can't see through. But I KNOW he was mad at me, and there's a good chance that's why.

Trudy: [sadly] He hasn't said anything, has he?
Ki: [looking away] No, but he hasn't been himself. To be honest, with his pain medication he's been asleep most of the day.

Trudy: [determined] Ki, we HAVE to find out what happened to us there. I think something big went down, and Nick and I are the only ones who can figure it out. But we'll have to work together.

Trudy: That means we'll need your help, and it may mean unpleasant things may be revealed. I'm asking you to please help us uncover this mystery.
Ki: Okay, but don't expect me to like it.

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