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[[Sharon has come across Ki and Trudy, interrupting their conversation.]]
Sharon: THERE you are! I've been looking everywhere for you, Ki. Of course, you're in the last place I'd expect!

Sharon: [suddenly concerned] Is... something wrong? You two aren't fighting again, are you?
Ki: No, just... discussing some important work that needs to be done.

[[Sharon is relieved, and interposes herself between Ki and Trudy, putting her arms around both of them and pushing them out of Trudy's office.]]
Sharon: Good! You two need to work together more often. How about we round up Patty and declare an all-girls' lunch? No boys allowed!

Sharon: I'll bet we can come up with some INTERESTING comparisons to make between Fooker, Nick, Dexter, and Trent...
[[Ki and Trudy look horrified.]]
Ki and Trudy: [In unison] I don't think so...

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