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[[After an unknown voice has awakened him, Nega-Nick's head breaks the surface of the dark pool of water.]]

Nega-Nick: Wh-where... am I?
Voice: You are in the prison of your mind. Consider this a "social call."

Nega-Nick: Your "prison" feels more like a watery grave!
Voice: I am not responsible for the imagery you "see" here. This "prison" is of your own making. I merely hold the key.

Nega-Nick: [angrily]I can tell you where to shove that ke--
[[Nega-Nick slips slightly below the surface, just enough to cover his mouth and interrupt him, causing him to momentarily choke.]]
Nega-Nick: Urlgh!
Voice: Now, now... If you're going to be uncooperative, I can put you back where I found you. _I'M_ not going to "drown." _I_ have all day.

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