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[[Bound with chains and floating in a watery prison in his own mind, Nega-Nick is "conversing" with the alien that has "taken" him. Nega-Nick fights to regain control.]]
Alien: Oh, it's too late for that, I'm afraid. I'm deeply rooted here now, and the longer I stay, the more difficult it will be to separate us. If I stay long enough, separation might even kill us both.

Alien: But enough small talk. The female is away, and I require information. Unfortunately, you've proven unusually... resilient. Your memories make little sense. I require your active participation.
Nega-Nick: [determinedly] I'll participate up your slimy--

[[Nega-Nick is momentarily yanked downward such that his head dips below the surface of the water and his eyes go wide in horror.]]

Nega-Nick: [Faintly as he returns to the surface] Not... real...
Alien: True... But real enough. If I CONVINCE you you'll drown, it's YOUR fault if you believe it.

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