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[[Bound with chains and floating in a watery prison in his own mind, Nega-Nick is "conversing" with the alien that has "taken" him.]]
Alien: Your memories imply you were once an individual of power and luxury. I may be in a position to offer you... REWARDS for your cooperation. We don't do that often, but with certain rare exceptions...

Alien: In return for your cooperation you will receive limited autonomy. We may even make you governor of this world, once it is under our control. You could be our liaison; a willing accomplice will be more trusted than a puppet slave.

Nega-Nick: [suddenly confident, grinning evilly] Fool! Give me an inch and I'll find a way to steal a mile! Once you loosen your grip, I'll have more than enough freedom to destroy your invasion from within!

[[Nega-Nick's expression changes from confident to confused.]]
Nega-Nick: I... meant to THINK that, not say it...
Alien: We're in your head, remember? Now... tell me again about destroying our invasion from within...?

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