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[[Bound with chains and floating in a watery prison in his own mind, Nega-Nick is conversing with the alien that has "taken" him.]]
Alien: Don't count your avian food sources before they give birth. Trust outside our species is rare and must be earned, and you will see none of it until this planet is firmly under our control. Hence a reward, not a leap of faith.

Alien: Now, to our quandary. It appears we are both "aliens" on this world. If I read your memories correctly, you are from a parallel world in a different universe, correct? With a similar yet distinct history. You even fought against our kind there.
Nega-Nick: Y-yes.

Alien: Then you have a passing knowledge of affairs here, yet it is different enough to make your own ruse a risky one, to replace your alternate. Neither of us has a complete set of data to accurately impersonate your double.

Nega-Nick: You... propose an alliance? It doesn't seem like a very equitable one...
Alien: It DOES seem like an inappropriate word. But "Do it or else" seems less motivating...

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