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Symbiote: IF we were to work together, our odds of success increase dramatically. YOU provide your interpretation of the differences between your memories and your alternate's world, and I will keep our goals in sight ... AND keep us both from getting killed.

Nega-Nick: And how do I know you won't turn me and my fellow "meatlings" into puppy chow for your existing "armada"?
Symbiote: Such a ... descriptive term. And accurate. I'll have to remember that one.

Symbiote: I make no promises whatsoever on the other "meatlings". Our conquest of this planet is primarily for its resources. It is a means to an end: the annihilation of the Greys. We seek mostly your fauna for slaves or meat: which role depends largely on ... cooperation.

Symbiote: But YOU will be rewarded. You will find our "armada" of willing servants is well cared for. We discipline the disobedient and reward the complaisant. Few of them are sapient, however. That tends to ... complicate things.

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