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[[Bound with chains and floating in a watery prison in his own mind, Nega-Nick is conversing with the alien that has "taken" him.]]
Nega-Nick: All right... I'm in. But on one condition.
Alien: Your desire to negotiate is irrelevant, but your boldness in light of your situation is intriguing. Proceed.

Nega-Nick: There's a human I want spared. Scratch that - TWO humans. Make them my personal slaves to do with as I wish, and I'll do whatever you ask.
Alien: An interesting request. Which humans?

Nega-Nick: Ki Oshiro and Trudy Tru-- er, Niemand.
Alien: Interesting. Both females. The first is your double's mate. Aside from the obvious option as a sexual object, to what end do you request the second individual?

Nega-Nick: [grinning sadistically] Oh, I have a NUMBER of ideas of what to do with HER...

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