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[[Bound with chains and floating in a watery prison in his own mind, Nega-Nick is conversing with the alien that has "taken" him.]]
Alien: Very well. I accept your amendment. Note, however, that I must convince the others before it can be honored, and we are deep undercover and cannot contact them for some time.
Nega-Nick: Got it.

Alien: Now it is time to put your knowledge to the test. Your alternate's mate just walked through the door.
Nega-Nick: [panicked] WHAT? We need time to prepare! To plan!

Alien: You seem to pride yourself on quick thinking and being "fast on your feet," which is ironic since your leg is now broken. Still, it is time to test your self-evaluation and see if it is accurate.

[[We see Nega-Nick in his bed, propped up on pillows. His characteristic scar and goatee are gone, so he looks like "our" Nick. His laptop is next to him, and he's surfing a remote control. His glasses lay in his lap. Ki is looking at him brightly.]]
Ki: Hi, sweetie! Are you finally awake?

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