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[[Bound with chains and floating in a watery prison in his own mind, Nega-Nick is conversing with the alien that has "taken" him. Nega-Nick is trying to convince the alien to return control of his body to him, so he can more realistically deal with Ki.]]
Nega-Nick: Give me control and I'll be more convincing than you ever will.
Alien: I don't trust you yet. Tell me what to say and I'll echo it.

Nega-Nick: [sarcastically] Ha! You mean you'll FILTER it. You don't want me giving you away. But you NEED me to be convincing, and you won't be unless you give me some level of control.

Nega-Nick: At this point it's in my best interests to play along, revealing what you are only reveals me as a fraud as well. But if this is going to work, you're going to have to let ME do the talking. Otherwise she'll spot us as fakes in a heart beat.

[[Nega-Nick looks slyly at the image of Ki, who is sitting demurely beside him.]]
Alien: All right. You have control... for now. But I'm watching you. Mess this up and it may cost us both our lives.

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