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[[Nega-Nick's alien controller has temporarily returned control of his body, and he and Ki are talking. Nega-Nick's characteristic scar and goatee are gone, so that he looks like "our" Nick, which is what Ki believes.]]
Ki: Dwayne said you could use the VPN to tele-work if you were up to it.
Nega-Nick: No, I want out of the house, even if I have to use a wheelchair.

Ki: [touching Nega-Nick's cheek] Well, those casts should be off soon. It'll only be for a little bit longer.
Nega-Nick: Long enough for Fooker to want to race me down the hall in an office chair.

Nega-Nick: [growing serious] Besides, I need to talk with Trudy. I need to find out what happened to us that landed us in that hospital, and I think we'll only figure that out together.
Ki: [sadly, looking away] I... know.

[[Back in Nega-Nick's mental prison, the alien interrupts.]]
Alien: Is it wise raising suspicions about that? If that compromises our operation...
Nega-Nick [to alien] It's better to acknowledge it and throw out false leads than ignore it and let it sneak up on us.

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