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[[Nega-Nick's alien controller has temporarily returned control of his body, and he and Ki are talking. Ki believes that Nega-Nick is "her" Nick.]]
Ki: I talked with Trudy about that, and I agree. You two will need to work together on this, and I'll help any way I can.
Nega-Nick: [smiling ironically] You mean you'll chaperon, in case she gets any ideas.

[[She leans toward him, holding him close and kissing him.]]
Ki: Well, I trust YOU implicitly, but HER only as far as I can throw her.
Nega-Nick: [stroking her hair as things start to heat up] You must be working out, then.

[[Back in Nega-Nick's mind the alien is starting to worry.]]
Alien: What's that? What's going on? There this strange... REACTION I can't seem to control.
Nega-Nick: [smiling slyly] Let's call that an autonomic neural response to stimuli...

Alien: [increasingly panicked] What are you doing? Why are you touching her there? What -- WHERE IS SHE PUTTING HER HAND?!?
Nega-Nick: [grinning evilly] Take it easy, E.T. We're just maintaining our cover... under the covers...

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