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[[Nega-Nick's alien controller has temporarily returned control of his body, and he and Ki are getting intimate, much to the concern of the alien.]]
Alien: [to Nega-Nick] You're taking off her clothing! I - I know what you're doing! I did not authorize this action!
Nega-Nick: [to Physaric] You want to convince her we're her husband, right? This is something married couples do!

[[Back in the real world Ki is straddling Nega-Nick, wearing only her bra and shorts with the button unfastened. But the alien has had enough, and Nega-Nick pulls away with a shout.]]
Nega-Nick: [gritting his teeth] YEOWCH!
Ki: [obviously concerned] Sorry! Sorry!

"Nega-Nick": It's... OK. Sorry... I WANT to, but I guess I'm... not ready yet.
Ki: [sadly] Oh, I'm sorry, sweetie! Do you want me to... you know... do anything else?
"Nega-Nick": N-no...

[[Back in his mental prison, Nega-Nick growls at the alien.]]
Alien: YOU overstepped your bounds! Don't think I do not know where this course of action would have led!

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